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For many years I kept my penis and testicles shaved pubic spot, but I've always hidden the fact. I was never shown in the gym showers after our football. I've always been masked by covering with a towel or slipping off my boxers, my bald head before anyone discovered in the pants department. But last week after a meeting in my local pool was showering me, as always, was hiding in the laftube corner shower, so no prying eyes could see my softness. The pool was quiet happy that soaping my balls dick enjoy the feel soft and smooth genetals that comes with shaving. I liked the feeling so that my cock was in a state of semi - erection. Thick felt I had to stop now before I had a raging hard. In my excitement, I turned to rinse the soap off my body when I met another swimmer. The man was 40, she looked quite fit in his suit with his body sparkling pool water. When I checked, the body guys in microsecondss who had shaved his thick cock swollen exposed to this stranger. S he had no time to realize my penis was in a state of excitement, he said something like ' nice to see someone, shaved pubic hair. ' I was surprised but was shaken Pregnant comment further when the man left his bag on a nice thick tail laftube with a great pair of balls to reveal the game, all in a very smooth shave. quickly left the shower area to run on my list has changed. When I go to the man in the locker room was completely naked with only a towel drapped over his broad shoulders. It is ' My name is Nick,' he said as he pulled his penis is dry here. He fell on his cock as she worked laftube her towel around his balls. I laftube was fascinated by this exhibisionism prove that I could feel my cock swell in my riders at the press of the world to see my emotion. I waited in the garage, he said. I like to try a little cream as possible. I sai nervousNick d was well met in the parking lot five minutes later. waved Nick his car I was in the passenger seat when Nick sat down beside me on the driver's laftube seat. Nick took a small bottle of baby oil from his gym bag poured some into my hand. Then paid more in the car. He reached into my run once oil is massaged my balls, stroking the shaft of my cock, only a few seconds. The feeling was magical, I have stretched back to this strange my cock probe my ass oiled straw by hand. The cock stroking built stronger, until it built to a frenzy of masturbation as pistons. Everything was leaking too much for me when I shot a power thick laftube creamy cum my left breast my superior. There, said Nick. I hope you enjoyed, you know that in turn, said he reached into his pants, rubbing his smooth, hard tail observed close my eyes to hear the moans of pleasure that laftube he extended his flesh until he, too, like cream in tstomach anything.
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